Posted on: Thu, 01/19/2017 - 21:32 By: administrator

Any employees who, well, aren't employees anymore. Please reach out and contact me! If you'd like to contact your authors or allow the authors you represented or worked with reach you, I'd like to collect as much information to give you the opportunity to connect.

Authors? You too, I'd love for you to contact me (or sign up here) and express which employees, representatives, files you need still from the company.

Never received the trailer for my most recent book. If it was done, I'd love to have it.

Your ISBN is assigned to your book. You get a new ISBN when you publish an updated version of your book - so, unless you change the illustrations or content, the currently assigned ISBN will remain with your book. I've not figured out how a change or removal of a publisher (being Tate Publishing, their logo, etc) affects the ISBN. This should be taken up with a lawyer familiar with publishing law or intellectual property.

You do not have to pay to keep a copyright or and ISBN assignment. An ISBN assignment is forever.

My wife is devastated at the moment. she had two books that were published with Tate and her 1st album that was about to be released Spring 2017. I, as her husband, am taking care of this matter on her behalf. Please ! add my information to join the class action lawsuit. . My phone number is 678-525-7083

Either Tate Publishing will pay for my two books to be published through a new publisher who can honor the same promises that Tate did, OR I want a full return of my $4,600.00 (aprox.) investment! Please send me info about the lawsuit so we can make sure this company gets what it deserves! My email is: caseyseanharmon@live.

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