What's going to happen to my contract?

Posted on: Tue, 01/24/2017 - 23:10 By: administrator

There are many different versions of the contracts as they were tweaked over the years. While many of their contracts resemble each other, they were changed in order or by what was covered. Don't assume your contract is the exact same as everyone else's or one persons' contract' section is included in your own.

There may be two types of author contracts that differ in the verbiage of what your payment covers.

  1. Contract fee's to cover publishing your book
  2. Contract fee's to cover the publicist (not publishing) of your book.

This may be important in a class action suit where (1) may sue for breach of contract while publishing and (2) may sue where their book never made it to marketing.

I entered a contract with Tate in June 2013. I thought where I had to submit and be accepted, they were NOT a vanity press. They hit me up for $2,000. I told them I didn't have that, and was so disappointed. Next they offered $1,500, but that was still too much. Finally, they offered me $1 000, on payments, as long as the final payment was made before my book was in the actual publishing phase. They had my small 12 page book, for EIGHT-TEEN months. It seemed I fought with them through every stage too. They'd ask for me to complete this or thst, and I'd say, "I completed that, on time, and submitted it." And I'd talk to one person, but the next person didn't know what I was talking about. My project managers changed at least 5x, which worried me. A couple times they offered to let me make a payment aND then they would double it, thus $25, knocked $50 off my bill, or $50, turned into $100...total I paid about $800. We had agreed on $3.5 was my price for the book, but they tried to change it to 5 something, and I had to fight for the $3.5. I ordered several batches of books, in the amounts of 100, 50, then 25. Once I never got my order, and as it was close to Christmas, they resent it, aND later the initial order finally came. Another they had if I ordered, on a particular day, I could get 25 extra books and so many digital downloads. ..Where my book is a Christmaa book it only sold actively Sept '14-Dec'14 and then again Sept '15-Dec '15. Tate contacted Mr over and over to re-order, but the last batch of books I ordered 10/7/14, arrived so late, in JANUARY '15, I just didn't need any more. ..I had about 100 fall 2015, and only 3 sold this year. So for $850, plus book price I did get published after 18 mo, and about 200 books, BUT they never got my book in stores, as promised, when people tried to order from Amazon, they were told, "currently out of stock" and Amazon eventually refunded their money. I was told it would be in audio format, and that never happened, nor did it get published in Spanish, as promised. I just tried to search for my book on the copywrite site and it can't be found! What am I owed? Anything? Or did I simply get what I paid for, for $850 plus book prices?

My interactions with Tate are similar - albeit not as severe - to Danielle Atkins' painful experience.
My problem now is as follows: I do not know what category I belong:
After paying $1700 without signing any 'contract' MONTHS of misleading promises and 'offers' I did submit my manuscript.
Some Tate editor reviewed it, and sent it back with nothing more than formatting recommendations.
I likewise submitted a cover design that Tate modified ever so slightly.
After a 'final' edit, I re-submitted ... with no answer ... except that of an exasperated employee telling she had been fired ...
I sent a certified/proof of receipt letter to Mr. Tate, the OK BBB and Attorney General. Mr. Tate received it and signed it.
NOW TATE SENT A 'CONTRACT RELEASE FORM' specifying that I will "not receive any refund or monetary compensation whatsoever".
QUESTION: how can I get paid back and get guarantee that Tate will not use my text - itself of plagiarized.

My children paid off my "Author for Life" contract at Christmas time, 2016. I even spoke to Richard Tate personally. He seemed so sincere and honest. After repeated attempts to contact Tate in January and February 2017, using all the email addresses I had for them I find they are out of business. I wonder if Mr. Richard Tate, a "christian publisher" didn't already know they were going out of business and just take our money and run. Sorry for anyone else who was so taken in by Tate's deceptions.

My book made it to publishing. The day before Tate closed, I called them and ordered 500 dollars worth of books. They took it and said 4 weeks they would ship them. All the time, no doubt, they knew that they would be closed the following day. I have seen no books, no money, no royalties, no anything... I have contacted Christy and Ryan about my books. Neither one will answer thier phones (wonder why). She briefly attempted to start her own business called Lux Creative Concepts, which seems to have very little success.

The big question now is what do we have to do to get our books back and get them into print. Paying Ryan 50 dollars is not going to be a part of that. These people are crooks. I don't know how they live with themselves.

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