Eagle Eye: Chargers Offense Hinges On QB Philip Rivers

Posted on: Mon, 11/20/2017 - 20:08 By: miguel12
The reason that this Chargers offense has been so consistent is Philip Rivers, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Eagles fans may remember the battle our defense had with Rivers back in 2013. He showed his ability on that day to change things before the snap and pick the defense apart at every level of the field. Rivers is smart, can make every throw, and dissect a defense as well as any player in the game right now. While he turned the ball over a very high rate since the start of last year, he capable of ripping a defense apart on any given Sunday Elijah Qualls Jersey. The Chargers have been plagued with injuries to their receiving corps over the last few years. There was a downside to that in the short term, but it actually has helped them in the long run. They now have a corps of wideouts who are battle-tested and have all been counted on at one point or another to be "the guy" for Rivers on the outside Vinny Curry Jersey. With first-round pick Mike Williams still on the shelf, the receiver to watch in this game for Los Angeles is Keenan Allen. A former mid-round pick out of Cal, Allen has turned into a really good player when he healthy. Allen is a savvy route runner who can create separation with suddenness at the top of his stem and sound technique. He is their leading receiver and most-targeted weapon on the outside. The Chargers move around the formation. Twelve of his 32 targets this year came when was lined up in the slot. Shot 1 - Keenan Allen is the go-to guy. Leads team in receiving. Rivers' top target on 3rd down. Strong route runner.

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