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Many books published through Tate Publishing were mismanaged and may not have been filed properly with the US Copyright Office. You may find search for your titles with the USCO HERE. If you have problems finding your book or understanding the filing, please reach out.

I came across a question from an author...

As authors, we do not own any of the design elements of our books. So if we want to print or publish elsewhere we will have to have new illustrations, layout design and cover.

Yes and no, your contracts may allow you ownership of those copyrights - you paid for it you should own it. Being as it may, they changed their contracts on a whim. I don't know which one you got nor what rights you have or if they were established. I'm pretty sure the authors own all the content they've paid for and have implemented in the books they published. I'll update when I have a more concrete answer.

Can we republish the book as it is in illustration cover and content through create space

so we can no use the covers - we have waited ages to get? Can we get access to our files?

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No relation to Tate Publishing and also one if their victims to probably a few thousand unreported copies of my novels royalties.
Answer: Tate Publishing is in clear breach of contract.
Consult a lawyer, but I am rolling with I now own all rights, and if you dont like it sue me Ryan Tate.

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